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Industrial computed tomography

Imaging by means of computed tomography enables non-destructive testing and measurement of areas of components, assembled assemblies or even composite components that are not accessible at all or only to a limited extent.

In contrast to all other scanning methods, a component or assembly group can be recorded in its entirety, thus offering a much wider range of evaluation options.

In addition to the classic evaluations of dimensions, shape and layers, this also enables analyses of the material structure such as:

  • porosity / inclusion detection (Lunker analysis)
  • False color matches/comparisons
  • Aging analyses
  • Target/actual comparisons
  • Initial sample measurements / First sampling (FAIR)
  • Defect analyses
  • Reverse engineering

For computer tomography or X-ray tomography, we use a modern Werth TomoScope L300 in our company. Depending on the customer’s requirements and the nature of the part to be inspected, a power of up to 300 kV is possible.

Computer tomograph

Max. Workpiece gr..e:D = 470 mm / L = 678 mm (depending on the aspect ratio of the workpieces, more if necessary)
Accuracy:4,5 μm – 0,02 mm
Calibration:Standard-compliant calibration according to VDI 2617 with DAkkS certificate
Special features:considerable time saving due to patented stepless rotary axis

Application examples