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1995: Founded as a classic garage company in the backyard of a Lippstadt apartment building by the current managing director Lars Fischer.

1997: Change of location within Lippstadt, as more space was needed for the first employees and additional measuring equipment.

2001: Renewed relocation to the industrial park at Paderborn Lippstadt Airport, as further growth also brought with it increased space requirements.

2002: Expansion of the range of services to include mobile measurement technology, in order to be able to carry out qualified measurements on the customer’s premises from now on.

2004: the previous sole proprietorship becomes Fischer 3D-Messtechnik GmbH&Co.KG

2007: due to further growth relocation to the old hometown Lippstadt

2011: Introduction of quality management according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 (today DIN EN ISO 9001:2015)

2012: Expansion of the range to include the sale of metrology accessories such as custom-built probes, measuring tables, etc.

2014: Expansion of mobile measurement technology to international use

2017: Acquisition of a computer tomograph (CT) due to the increasingly frequent demand for detailed non-contact measurements.

2018: Expansion of the sales range to include DAkkS-certified clutch test gauges for sovereign inspection organisations, automotive workshops and test centers.